Thankful Thursday

Family: I am thankful for Kyrie’s happy go lucky attitude. She spent the entirety of dinner at On The Border entertaining herself by looking at everything upside down as she leaned as far back in her high chair as she could. At WalMart she would clap her hands or babble or pat at her head. When we got home she maneuvered around the house, rolled on the ground and giggled like crazy. Not even a complaint when she went to bed. This little girl is making it TOO easy, I just know I’m gonna pay in her teenage years.

Life: I am thankful that I have tomorrow off and we can finally get this house cleaned up. You know it is bad when you are embarrassed for the babysitter to come over to your house. With both Josh and I off, we should be able to make a decent dent in the laundry pile, and get our house back to respectable standards.

Work: I am thankful for the managers I work with. Today I really thought I was going to have to stay three more hours after my shift was over, but I was able to find a manager willing to come in on her day off and work it. Thank goodness for teamwork, my life would be hell without it.


And on an entirely different side note, I am thankful for him:



He makes my life easier, listens to me vent, lets me buy a pair of jammies for Kyrie on a whim and even gets up to get me water when I just don’t wanna move. This guy is a real catch, and I am glad he is my husband.


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