U is for Unsual

I love to take snap shots of the most random things, often at odd angles and/or very differing zoom ranges. I try everything from zooming clear in, to taking the photo from an entirely different spot, to tilting it just a little bit, to snapping a picture of something that just makes me smile.I like to think of it as abstract photography, but in all honesty it is just me expressing my creative side in any outlet I can. Here are a few of the shots I have gotten that I love, even if I can’t tell you why.

IMG_0266 IMG_0796 IMG_5142 IMG_1087 DSCN0521 IMG_20140118_153220 IMG_0718 IMG_20140326_184124 IMG_0130 IMG_0154 IMG_0162 IMG_1143 IMG_20140403_203110 IMG_0870 IMG_0918 IMG_0940 cutebaby usagain ily IMG_0506 rawr


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