V is for Variety is the Spice of Life

This statement is perhaps why I feel so overloaded most of the time. I love to keep things mixed up. I hate the thought of doing the same thing day after day. Of having every little detail planned out. Now this is not to say that certain routines do not have their place in life, afterall I DO have kids. Zander knows that every night before bed he brushes his teeth, reads a book and chooses one or two toys to take to bed with him. He then happily settles into bed with his two blankies and rolls over on his side to go to sleep. Same goes for planning. Yes, I like to have things going according to plan, but I don’t like everything being perfectly planned out. All that makes for is more stress and more things to go wrong.

I enjoy waking up and planning the day as it goes. I enjoy deciding at the last minute that the weather is nice enough that maybe I will go to the park with the kids today. Or deciding on a whim to find a sitter and go for a night out with Josh.

This is maybe why I love my job so much. It’s constant state of chaos, despite the amount of planning that goes into each and every minute of the day. The necessity to adapt to change, to be able to take disasters in stride and keep going. Dealing with stress is an everyday thing for me, but if anything it simply makes me better equipped to deal with the hurdles life will make you jump. 


Variety is the spice of life, and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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