Monday Musings

All the new toys that Kyrie got for her birthday and my thoughts on them:

  1. Puzzles. I am happy to have something that will teach her while she plays, I plan on playing with these ones with both her and Zander a lot.
  2. My Pretty Learning Purse (Fisher Price). So far she likes the credit card… oh boy! But this could be due to the fact that Zander has been carrying it around everywhere, which doesn’t leave her a lotta time to paly with it.
  3. Babydoll. She kissed the doll as soon as it was unwrapped. Super cute.
  4. Wagon. We will put it together someday… soon I hope.
  5. Toy Laptop. She loves pushing the buttons on this one, and closing it then trying to open it. Once again, Zander has monopolized this toy as well, but she will get to play with it.
  6. Car with Little People. This one makes noise when you push the Mom down in her seat. I have no doubt she will love this one as well, but, once again, w will have to wrestle it away from her brother.
  7. New outfits and headbands. There is no such thing as too many clothes. Sure it means more to wash, but it also means more time before you run out of clothes. =) The outfits are adorable and the headbands are perfect, since my little girl is really growing enough hair to do much else right now.
  8. Alphabet book. This one is a little beyond her age, as it is for tracing the letters, but when we picked it out for her, w figured it was a good way to start introducing her to the alphabet.



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