Z is for Zander

HA! The benefits of naming my kid with a Z name! But seriously, I am excited to do this post. With Kyrie’s 1st birthday, I feel like the spotlight has been all on her lately. I wanna give some love and attention to my little boy too!


  • Knows that a “snack” is something yummy, and “lunch” means real food. SO he will say “unch? No.” but “nack? k.”
  • still loves his blankies…. I should prolly wash those sometime soon.
  • has decided that playing the run away and crawl under the table game is a blast! especially at bedtime or when his diaper needs changed.
  • loves playing outside. He will just wander around our backyard all day.
  • can jump SOOOO well on the trampoline. It is crazy to watch that kid go crazy up there.
  • is slowly learning how to share.
  • recognized Gannon theother day!!! YAY! He came running outta his room to find him. “ANNON!!!?? play!” and then proceeded to hand him as many toys as he could hold.
  • cuddled with me tonight! it was nice!


  • Still loves TV. Man oh man.. .does he love TV.
  • Loves to play with all of his sisters new toys. All of them. All at once. seriously…
  • sometimes he turns to me and just launches into a serious “conversation” that makes me wish I really understood what he was saying.
  • Is getting really good at brushing his teeth instead of just sucking the toothpaste off.
  • has crazy hair! if it gets messy, it is not smoothing down till you give him a bath. (Thanks Daddy, for THAT gene)
  • loves to sing along with the radio. But everytime I wanna record it I am either driving or he stops as soon as I hit record.
  • always eats his meals at the table like a big boy now. even at restaurants!
  • can drink out of a big boy cup when supervised
  • knows how to work a touch screen on a phone to play games… how he can do this at 2 years old is unknown to me.
  • is growing up way too fast…. SLOW DOWN!

Just born!


He used to sleep in the strangest positions.


Look at how little he was!


And then he got chubby! =)


Food stache… still very common.


First birthday party! CAKE!!!!!


Still growing up!


I just can’t believe how big he is now… where did the time go?


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