Monday Mind Dump

  • I got my book making kit in the mail today, and I am really excited to use it.
  • Josh and I have the night off together, I am thinking popcorn and cuddling on the couch!
  • I really need to write Carrie back, I will prolly do it after this.
  • I have recently started playing the cartoon “The Hive” and he loves it.
  • The kids played in their room with me for quite a bit this morning. I love watching them find new ways to play with the toys.
  • I love getting on my blog and seeing all the comments Betsy ( leaves on my blogs. Makes me smile everytime!
  • Zander keeps crawling in the box from the wagon, and Lexi is going crazy trying to figure out how to get him out.
  • I really wish people wouldn’t sell religion door to door.
  • Zander is definitely getting tired, I think it may be time for a nap.
  • Yesterday, Madison caught a mouse in our backyard. It kinda hissed at us. How weird is that?
  • I looked through my wedding photos with Mariesa and Josh last night, and I remembered how many awesome shots Brawley got. here is one:


  • Kyrie is trying really hard to walk now, it is so cute to see her toddle around.
  • Josh and I are finally making some plans for a vacation, I am getting really excited!!
  • I loved watching Zander and Kyrie and Gannon playing together yesterday. I always wanted to have the kinda home where kids are running around playing together all the time.


  • I love having our backyard all cleaned up, it makes me so much more comfortable when the kids wanna go out back and play.
  • It is PAYDAY!!!!



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