Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Spring means so much in all honesty. The beginning, or rebeginning of life, only just begins to cover it. It is the sun after the cold winter months. It is the hope and light after the dark depressing months. It is rejuvenating. Spring gives you that little breath of fresh air that keeps you going. It puts that smile on your face as you leave the house and realize you won’t need a sweater today. It is cuddling on the front porch while you watch a random downpour soak the world around you. It is days spent in the backyard, jumping on trampolines, chasing kids around. Spring is joy. It is hope. It is ALIVE! (Although this picture may seem to just be of weeds, dandelions represent so much more to me. They are the wish that can change your life. Your chance to close your eyes, and be a kid for a moment again while you try and blow each piece away. Dandelions are innocence and hope, and everyone could use more of both in their life.)


One response to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

  1. That is an awesome pic! The other day Natalie was walking and says to me “look mom I can make it snow” and threw a hand-full of the “seeds” in the air. I am sure our neighbors appreciate the spreading of those lovely flowers. =)

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