Oops! A Slightly Late 10 on Tuesday

  1. Work kinda sucked a little more than usual. It was teacher appreciation night and it was a little crazy.
  2. I honestly think I will never get sick of Blue October’s Sway Album. It has been in my radio for a week now.
  3. I feel bad that our babysitter only ended up being here for about 2 hours, but whatcha gonna do?
  4. I’m as entertained WATCHING my kids play with a cardboard box, as they are PLAYING with it.
  5. Glad Josh had a class and didn’t have to work overnight.
  6. I think I am obsessed with educational toys for my children. I love getting them things that teach letters or numbers or colors.
  7. I could really use a karaoke night. Out or in, I don’t really care.
  8. I don’t think the mouse that Maddie caught is going to make it, but we are gonna set it free tomorrow if it does.
  9. I need to work on my Wreck This Journal more.
  10. I hate getting off work so late, makes me just wanna come home and go to bed.

3 responses to “Oops! A Slightly Late 10 on Tuesday

  1. Hi

    & greetings from England !!

    One question – what is “wreck this journal” ?

    Sorry, but the Wife & I were wondering.

    Take care

    Ishmael & Bertie

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