May Photo A Day Challenge: Day 8

My Sky:


[At the risk of sounding cheesy]

You are so much more to me than my husband. You are the sanity that grounded my life and made realize the errors of my ways. You are the strong hand that held me up, when I felt certain life’s troubles would pin me down. You are the unconditional love that showed me real love was worth looking for. You are the voice of reason that tells me my constant inner critic is CRAZY and should just shush up. You are the father figure I always thought would never be a possibility to find for my children. You are the other half to a relationship that is stronger than anyone could ever imagine. You are my world, my life, my sky. I love you and everything you do for me. Although it is easy to forget to express in in our busy day to day lives, just remember, I do. It’s there when I curl into you even though I am deep in my sleep. It is there when you catch me staring at you or reaching out to touch you for no reason. It is there when I randomly text you or leave a post on your Facebook wall. It is there, even when you don’t see it. Every moment of everyday I am filled for love with you. Through the annoyances and petty fights. Through the time spent apart and long hours of no contact. I never stop loving you, and I never will. You are my sky. Can I be your sun? We would go so well together.


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