Free Friday

Imma make 2 lists. 5 things I am excited about, and 5 things I am worried about.


List One: Excitement

  1. My vacation, in case you couldn’t tell from all my posts.
  2. Nana coming down to visit.
  3. The older kids to be outta school so we can see them more.
  4. Our first trip to Eagle Island, I hope Mariesa, Alex and Gannon are able to go.
  5. Tax returns. If they ever get here that is.

List Two: Worries

  1. My mom is in the hospital for the second time, cirrhosis of the liver. She is getting better… but still not good.
  2. Lexi, our lab, is acting pretty sick tonight. Not eating, listless… sad to see.
  3. Starting potty training for Zander. Thinking maybe during my vacation.
  4. Work tomorrow… here’s to hoping my talk with Caleb(my boss’ boss) goes smooth.
  5. My recent constant snacking and sitting around the house habit.

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