Life is so dang busy. And I really miss keeping this blog, but so much wins over it. Sleep, time with my kids, time with my husband, doing the dishes, sitting still and trying not to scream…. lol. Seriously though, not sure if the everyday thing will ever happen again, but here goes an attempt at not disappearing into life.

An update:

Me: Still as crazy busy as ever. Found a new love in Zumba, and really enjoying the classes at my gym. Working way too much, and it sucks a little more now that my best friend is at a different store. Oh, and I’m tired ALL THE TIME! Motherhood!!!!! WHOO HOO!

Josh: Joined a brass band at our church. He gets to play the trumpet again. He is pretty excited to go hunting next month, and his birthday is in a little under a week! BIG DAY PLANNED! =)

Allason: WAY TOO OLD TOO FAST! She is still as sweet as ever and has saved our butts lately with babysitting help.

Walker: Is a typical teenage boy. He spends his time in his room or playing video games. But he sure has a good sense of humor.

Maddie: Talk about the neighborhood star. Kids are constantly knocking on our door all week asking for her. She has been really good with Lexi lately.

Zander: In the process of potty training. He has SOOO many words now, and he loves trains and tractors. He also got his first bike!

Kyrie: What a little terror! But I think we have a dancer or a gymnast on our hands here! She does somersaults and dances non stop


The only new picture I could find of Josh.



One of the only new pics I have of me.




Kyrie dancing on the 4th of July.


Sorry I don’t have any new pics of the older three.


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