Updates on the Kiddos

My, oh my the kids are growing up WAY too fast.

Kyrie is obsessed with her brother and loves to play whatever he is playing (which drives him CRAZY!) She thinks every animal either says “moo” or “arf” and will randomly start acting like a dog, down to barking out the window. She loves playing dress up, patty cake and driving mom crazy. Oh wait, that last one isn’t a real game. She has a signature dance move that kinda makes her look like a chicken and her best friend is our dog Lexi. Every stuffed animal is still a “baby”, and she has chosen a “blankie” that must go everywhere she sleeps. She learned how to kiss, but after a day of obsession she doesn’t really like it anymore. Can’t believe she will be two in April. Where did the time go?

IMG_2395 IMG_2495 IMG_2501

Zander talks non stop and asks for a hug whenever we leave the house. He is obsessed with tractors, monster trucks and trains. He still fights potty training, but loves to ask to use the potty at 2 am, or any other equally inconvenient time. He has a new found love for coloring and stickers that makes his Mommy very proud. He loves to sing Old McDonald and will even tell us which animal to use next. He has developed a terrible habit of waking up between 4 am and 8 am and knocking on our door till we let hi crawl in bed with him. (I do have to admit, I kinda like this on occasion.)

IMG_2268 IMG_2302 IMG_2506

My kids don’t play so well together usually, but when they do, the sound of both of them giggling melts my heart. Kyrie looks up to Zander so much, and I’m sure he will develop a grudging love for her someday. =) Love watching them grow up, but sure wish they would slow down a bit.

IMG_1511 IMG_2489


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