7 Things to 7 People

Josh: Go listen to “Giving Me A Chance” (Gotye). It pretty much sums up a lot perfectly. ♪You know I never wanna let you down, it cuts me up to see you sad.♪ I feel like out of the never ending to-do list, you often fall at the end of it. Which isn’t fair to you, you ARE NOT my last priority. You matter. You’re my husband. I really wanna focus on giving you more time, more energy, more ME. So let’s sit down and figure out the best way to do this. I love you, and I wanna make sure I show it every day.

Anonymous: The lyrics to “Dear Enemy” (The Exies) says this better than I ever could. I’m leaving this person unnamed because it is not about hurting anyone. It’s about letting some things of my chest and not bottling up all the anger. What I can assure you is this: if you are reading this, it is NOT about you. I promise. p.s thank you for showing me all the things not to become.

Mariesa: I know you saw the link I posted to the friendship blog. You reposted it. When I posted the link I had you in mind. I know I have that kind of friend in you, and it’s nice to have. You somehow manage to balance that accepting friendship role with constantly driving me to wanna improve myself. You give me encouragement, an ear to complain to and a safe place to be in when I just need some company. I look up to you and I aim to be this kind of friend to you as well. No matter how long we may go without talking or seeing each other because of our crazy, busy loves, I’m positive we’ll stay friends.

Betsy: I haven’t really known what to say to you in light of recent events. I feel so useless and completely void of anything that could possibly help you. All I can say is this: You are not alone. You have support, you have love, you have God. And although it may not be what you want to hear, CRY! I may not have really known your mom, but from everything I have heard she was fantastic (no doubt here, I mean she raised you, and look at how wonderful you are.). Crying for her, missing her, grieving for her is all in her honor. Let it out, fall apart, GRIEVE! You can worry about picking up the pieces a little later, for now you will make it. You will never stop missing her, but you never really should. You can do this Betsy, and I will be here for you whenever you need.

Nikki- Listen Linda….


I hate how difficult life is for you right now. It seems wrong that so many hardships should be thrown at somebody so genuinely good. I know I haven’t known you for long, but that doesn’t change my opinion. You just need to remember: “courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying I will try again tomorrow.” (Mary Anne Radmacher) It is okay to cry, it is okay to hurt, okay to feel defeated. The important part is that at the end of it all you find the strength to pick yourself back up and make it through. It is that strength that I see in you. For all the times you have said, ” I can’t do this,” or “I give up,” or even “Imma murder (insert name) in the face!” you never do. And that is why I know you will be a good mom to Adele. You have fight in you Nikki, never let anyone beat that out of you.

My Crew: I know work sucks right now. I know it doesn’t do much to help, but it could be worse. I wish I could fix all the problems at our store, beat some sense into all those who mistreat you. I wish I could make the world a little more fair, a little less sucky, but I can’t. What I hope is that I can eventually show you that work can be fun. It was when I was a crew member and I really wanna get us back to that. You all deserve that. Until then, keep hanging in there. Despite how you may feel, you ARE appreciated. I promise.


My Kids: I love you so much more than I could ever put into words. More than I could ever show. (even when you pull ALL the keys off my laptop and I can’t get the spacebar to work half the time now….) YOU COME FIRST! Never, ever doubt that. I hope you never have any reason to feel you don’t, but if you do I am sorry… and know it isn’t true. I will never be a perfect mom, but I promise you this: I will do the best I can with what I have. I will be a GOOD parent. I will make mistakes, but I will apologize and learn from them. But most of all I promise this: I will NEVER stop loving you.


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