Monday Mind Dump

  • Schedules for work are gonna be soooo much easier when I get to go to another store.
  • Jamberry, the start of a new adventure
  • I love that my kids like the educational Leap Frog movies
  • Totally addicted to the “Death In” series by “J.D. Robb” (a.k.a Nora Roberts)
  • I am getting WAY excited for Christmas!!!!!!!!
  • I am exhausted today….
  • I should really be starting laundry instead of writing this blog
  • I love when my kids sing and dance. Their love for music makes me smile.
  • Kyrie goes through SOOO  MANY diapers!
  • Really wish Josh didn’t work nights
  • I’m actually kinda enjoying work while Carey is on vacation
  • McRib is back, and still fantastic.
  • I miss Zumba, I think I’ll go tomorrow.
  • IMG_2645

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