Happy Halloween!

I love the holidays, and even though my kids are not quite to that point where they understand what is coming, I get excited enough for the both of us!!

IMG_2963 IMG_2968 IMG_2970

When I got home from work tonight, Zander was all excited about “the candy”even though I am fairly certain he wasn’t quite sure HOW we were going to be getting the candy. And Kyrie was racing Dad to the door every time we got trick or treaters, so she could wave hi and bye. They were both very impatient when I decided I had to get pictures before they were all tired out.

When we finally got out the door, Dad grabbed the wagon so Kyrie’s little legs wouldn’t get tired. we had a blast going house to house, and Kyrie QUICKLY picked up on how this trick or treat thing worked. She practically though herself outta the wagon at each new house, and even attempted to go inside a few of them. Afterwards she would race back to the wagon, candy bucket firmly in hand, and throw herself right back in.

Zander loved it too, although he deemed the houses with spooky decorations and lights “scary, Mama”. We tried to get them both to say trick or treat… no such luck. Maybe we will master that next year. For the majority of them, Zander just stared with wide eyes as he held out his bucket for candy. And little miss Kyrie was yelling “tank ooo” all the way up to the houses and back to the wagon.

Life with kids may be hectic, but damn if it isn’t rewarding. =)

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