Thankful Thursday

1. My planner. Not only is it cute and functional, but it makes my life so much easier. I am able to plan and organize which is so important when I am balancing so many different schedules at once. Life would be so much more hard to handle without it.

2. Pandora. I’ve been uysing Pandora so much lately. I love that I can listen to music I love without having to buy it. My two favorite choices right now? 90’s Alternative/grunge and Melanie Martinez/Copeland radio. Nothing like some amazing music when you have a long day.

3. My husband. He is so dedicated to our family that he took on a second job as a PRN position. It;s going to mean a lot of long weeks with very little sleep for him, but he is willing to do it so we can get on our feet and give our children a good life. I wish it didn’t mean so much time apart but I love his amazing dedication to us.

(Sorry for any typos I missed. Trying out a keyboard I bought for my tablet.)

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