Family Friday

She has saved our butts with all her babysitting. She also has a job at Linder Farms and is doing school.  This girl is getting older and more mature everyday. 18 in January!

He has his first job. He is going to be a zombie at Linder Farms, which is a very fitting job for him. He is really into cats and is developing quite the crazy cat shirt collection. Just had his birthday,  we will be celebrating very soon.

Oh my,  talk about 13 going on 30. I swear this girl is in such a hurry to grow up. She just turned 13 which means yay for pg13 movies! We’ve enjoyed White Chicks and Pitch Perfect,  here’s to many, many more to watch.

What a sweet little boy.  He constantly goes,  “hey mom,  I love you!” He’s been really into talking about his emotions lately.  We ask if he wants to go to the park and he responds with,  “thank you!  That makes me so happy. ” And he used the potty yesterday! 🙂

Talk about a potty training princess. This girl is ALL about wearing panties and using the potty.  In fact she had done it so many times,  I had to go buy more potty presents. She is also bring really good with her colors, and has a newfound love of Barney and Minnie Mouse.

Took on another job as I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I don’t get to see much of him anymore,  but this will all pay off in the end.  So proud of what an amazing father and husband he is.  He still finds time and energy to play with the kids.

Thinking about starting school for a degree in elementary education.  I love working at Mcds, but there is just too much conflict with my supervisor.  I refuse to be a sit down and shut up sort of person.  I have a brain and I will continue to add my own input and ask questions if I don’t understand.  As a result it seems my advancement in this company has come to a stand still.  Always thought I’d make it to the top,  but maybe this is the change I need.


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