Wordless Wednesday



Thankful Thursday

Family: I am very thankful for having time with Josh last night. It seems like we don’t have a lot of that lately.

Life: I am so happy when Zander draws a picture and points out the “trees” and “dinosaurs” and “rocks”and then helps me hang it on the fridge.

Work: I have the next two days off. Who doesn’t love that??

Potty Success!

Who would have thought I could be so happy to see someone pee and poop in the toilet!! One of the odd joys of being a parent I suppose. The look on his face when he realized he was peeing and looked down was priceless. He was so shocked, and then very curious. After I told him how proud I was and gave him a high five he did a happy dance. Yesterday he pooped in the toilet and tonight he peed!! Hopefully this potty success continues. I’m so proud of this big boy!