Thankful Thursday

1. Family: I am so thankful that my little girl is such a cuddle bug. I know sometimes it may annoy me now, but someday I will miss it! Mama loves you too Kyrie.


2. Work: I am very thankful that not only is Carey back from vacation, but my week of “GM” status went rather smoothly. =) It is nice to have a confidence booster every now and then.

3. Life: I am thankful for Zumba.It is such a fun environment and a great way to work out. Lalli is my instructor and she is so fun and energetic. I just wish I could go more.


Duck Season

My husband is a HUGE hunter and he is so excited to get his little boy out there with him! After the excitement over weighting and sorting decoys tonight, I’d say Zander is just as excited as he is!

IMG_2598 IMG_2599 IMG_2600 IMG_2605 IMG_2606 IMG_2607 IMG_2609 IMG_2616 IMG_2620 IMG_2621 IMG_2622 IMG_2623 IMG_2624 IMG_2625 IMG_2627 IMG_2628 IMG_2629

Updates on the Kiddos

My, oh my the kids are growing up WAY too fast.

Kyrie is obsessed with her brother and loves to play whatever he is playing (which drives him CRAZY!) She thinks every animal either says “moo” or “arf” and will randomly start acting like a dog, down to barking out the window. She loves playing dress up, patty cake and driving mom crazy. Oh wait, that last one isn’t a real game. She has a signature dance move that kinda makes her look like a chicken and her best friend is our dog Lexi. Every stuffed animal is still a “baby”, and she has chosen a “blankie” that must go everywhere she sleeps. She learned how to kiss, but after a day of obsession she doesn’t really like it anymore. Can’t believe she will be two in April. Where did the time go?

IMG_2395 IMG_2495 IMG_2501

Zander talks non stop and asks for a hug whenever we leave the house. He is obsessed with tractors, monster trucks and trains. He still fights potty training, but loves to ask to use the potty at 2 am, or any other equally inconvenient time. He has a new found love for coloring and stickers that makes his Mommy very proud. He loves to sing Old McDonald and will even tell us which animal to use next. He has developed a terrible habit of waking up between 4 am and 8 am and knocking on our door till we let hi crawl in bed with him. (I do have to admit, I kinda like this on occasion.)

IMG_2268 IMG_2302 IMG_2506

My kids don’t play so well together usually, but when they do, the sound of both of them giggling melts my heart. Kyrie looks up to Zander so much, and I’m sure he will develop a grudging love for her someday. =) Love watching them grow up, but sure wish they would slow down a bit.

IMG_1511 IMG_2489

Catching up on Photo A Day Challenge for May: Days 12-18

Day 12: A Close Up

Day 13: In Your Bag

There is SOOO much more in my bag, but here is a sneak peak. My nametag and tie for work, allergy medicine (thank goodness), energy pills (for the nights I close), my glasses cleaning kit, sweet pea spray, my makeup bag of essentials (eyeliner, mascara, pencil sharpener, babylips and eyelash curler), my wallet, my card holder, my Burt’s Bees and my “manicure” kit (when I chew on my fingernails I don’t stop, so this is to help it).

Day 14:  Something You Are Reading


I actually just finished this book, but I loved it even if the ending did leave a lot of questions. They are a few playlists in here I plan to check out.

Day 15: Happiness


I love that these kids have their Nana. She is so wonderful and I only wish they could see her more often.

Day 16: Morning


These two are literally my alarm clock. They decide when I get up, and aside from Josh laying next to me, they are the first faces I see in the morning!

Day 17: Water


I am not one to take nature shots, so this is the best I got for water.

Day 18: Something You Bought


A new Smashbook!

Mother’s Day

Today was pretty normal. We slept in, got the kids around, tried to remember the million things we needed to do today because we forgot to do them yesterday. We did got to IHop for breakfast. During which I grew to appreciate my children all the much more thanks to a LARGE group of way to many loud mouthed people to busy to take care of their kids. Then we went and spent our #25 gift card for Bed, Bath and Beyond that we got clear back in August when we got married. We are totally on top of things….. I think the thing I was most excited about getting was the magic bubbles for the kids. They are AWESOME!!!
Then my mother’s day went really fun. After about 20 minutes at home, we decided it was time to take our poor pup into the vet. She has been sick for a few days, and after not drinking any water for two days and not eating for about 3 and 1/2, I wasn’t willing to wait any longer. We think she is gonna be ok, but that little visit took up the rest of my precious time with my husband, who unfortunately had to work tonight. So, I went home, took a short nap on the couch while the kids watched tv. *gasp* terrible mom moment. Then it was time to go pick our pup up from the vet. I bribed a fellow friend with ice cream to come on stay in the car with the kiddos so I wouldn’t have to try and juggle a 2 year old, a 1 year old and a sick dog all at once. I mean I know I am super woman, but I got my limits ya know?
Overall, it was a pretty average day, but I spent it with my family, and that is the part that counts. I got hugs from my kids, a peace of mind on my sick pup, and breakfast with my hubby. Who could ask for more than that?

May Photo A Day Challenge: Day 9

May Photo A Day Challenge: Day 9

Daily Routine. Not really sure how to take a picture of a routine, but this is as close as I will get. Work is an ever constant, time consuming part of my life. No, this post does not mean work comes before my family, it means I am a working Mama, I balance both. However, I spend an average of close to 50 hours a week at work, so I figured it would be a good place to start for daily routines. So this is how it usually goes. I wake up, tired from not sleeping enough, get ready for work [generally in 5 to 10 minutes because I hit snooze too many times, unless it is a good day, then I REALLY get ready.] and head out the door. Most times I do not get to see my kids before I go to work, and I rarely get to see my husband either. Then, I work all day, hope for a REAL break that does not involve working on schedules, reading my ISP messages or discussing a problem with another manager, and that DOES involve eating, “relaxing” [as much as you can in a 20 minute break where you have to jam in phone call home, eating, bathroom and breathing for five minutes], time for a good phone call to Josh and COFFEE. There will never be enough coffee. My shift ends, I usually stay another hour or so because we are busy, or I scheduled an interview, or schedules aren’t done, or someone called in, or, or ,or…. the list goes on and on. When I finally get home I might have a few hours at the max with Josh if it is a night he works, and a few more with my kids before they have to go to bed. In these few hours there is dinner, playtime, maybe a movie to please Zander and generally some lay on the ground and play with the kids time. And if I REALLY have my mommy act together, there may even be a bath in there. In order to fight off the mommy guilt, I try to not get on my computer until my kids are in bed, or 20 minutes before while they are calming down. SO after they are down and out, I blog, check my facebook, fuel my window shopping addiction at Zulily [with occasional purchases] and then go to bed way later than I shoulda. I wake up, tired from not enough sleep… and you know the rest. Just start from the beginning.

Thankful Thursday

Life: I am thankful to have such an understanding and loving husband. My mom is pretty sick, and there is a chance we will be making a trip back to my hometown to see her. My husband was onboard with the idea without hesitation and even convinced me to not feel guilty about the possibility of calling into work. He always stands behind me and I am so lucky to have that in a partner.

Family: Zander is such a helper. All the time he is doing whatever he can to help us out with any task he can think of. Last night he even reminded me after I put him to bed that we forgot to brush his teeth. He is so sweet, and Mommy is proud of her little helper.

Work: VACATION!!!!! In a few days I will be going on my first ever REAL vacation. A paid 7 days of to do nothing. Plus Nana will be coming down to visit too! It all worked out so well, and I cannot explain how excited I am to have time off of work.