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Catching up on Photo A Day Challenge for May: Days 12-18

Day 12: A Close Up

Day 13: In Your Bag

There is SOOO much more in my bag, but here is a sneak peak. My nametag and tie for work, allergy medicine (thank goodness), energy pills (for the nights I close), my glasses cleaning kit, sweet pea spray, my makeup bag of essentials (eyeliner, mascara, pencil sharpener, babylips and eyelash curler), my wallet, my card holder, my Burt’s Bees and my “manicure” kit (when I chew on my fingernails I don’t stop, so this is to help it).

Day 14:  Something You Are Reading


I actually just finished this book, but I loved it even if the ending did leave a lot of questions. They are a few playlists in here I plan to check out.

Day 15: Happiness


I love that these kids have their Nana. She is so wonderful and I only wish they could see her more often.

Day 16: Morning


These two are literally my alarm clock. They decide when I get up, and aside from Josh laying next to me, they are the first faces I see in the morning!

Day 17: Water


I am not one to take nature shots, so this is the best I got for water.

Day 18: Something You Bought


A new Smashbook!

May Photo A Day Challenge: Day 6

May Photo A Day Challenge: Day 6

Makes you smile. These two goofballs are great at making a smile appear outta thin air. Tonight they goofed off by throwing themselves into a box and squealing/ thrashing around. Zander told me a horse says, “AHHHHH!! PFT!(he made a raspberry for this sound)”. Kyrie made the silliest faces while trying to eat her first popsicle tonight. These children light up my world, and as much as their crazy antics may drive me a little crazy too, they never fail to make me a happy mama. =)

Good Qualities

Good Qualities

I’m so glad I married this man. He has so many good qualities about him, but here are a few of my favorites. When he notices something is wrong with me, he not only tries to figure out what it is, but also asks how he can help fix the problem. When the kids are acting up really bad, he will step in and give me a second to calm down and get a grip. No matter what I feel like on that day, he makes sure I know that he sees me as beautiful. I have a pretty fantastic husband, and I couldn’t ask for more.