Thankful Thursday

1. Thankful for music.  When all else fails,  listening to some good music or finding a new song…. makes everything a little better.

2. Pinterest. This shoe not only provides me hours of entertainment, it also gives me endless ideas on how to show love to my husband,  how to show my employees at work I appreciate them and provides inspiration to keep my creativeness going.

3. Netflix. For those days I need to veg out or need to be a bad mom for an hour and let the tv babysit my kiddos so I don’t completely lose it.


Thankful Thursday

1. I’m so thankful that Kyrie loves using the potty and wearing panties. It makes it much easier to deal with Zander’s resistance.  And,  occasionally,  it inspires him to try again.

2. Coffee. Coffee makes life so much easier to deal with,  and just smelling some can make me instantly feel better. Luckily for me,  my job makes it easy to have coffee every day.

3.  Allason and Christina.  These two have helped tremendously with babysitting.  Knowing the people who watch my kids makes it easier to relax.  It’s nice to not have to add my kids’ safety to my worry list.

Thankful Thursday

Family: I am very thankful for having time with Josh last night. It seems like we don’t have a lot of that lately.

Life: I am so happy when Zander draws a picture and points out the “trees” and “dinosaurs” and “rocks”and then helps me hang it on the fridge.

Work: I have the next two days off. Who doesn’t love that??

Thankful Thursday

1. Family: I am so thankful that my little girl is such a cuddle bug. I know sometimes it may annoy me now, but someday I will miss it! Mama loves you too Kyrie.


2. Work: I am very thankful that not only is Carey back from vacation, but my week of “GM” status went rather smoothly. =) It is nice to have a confidence booster every now and then.

3. Life: I am thankful for Zumba.It is such a fun environment and a great way to work out. Lalli is my instructor and she is so fun and energetic. I just wish I could go more.

Thankful Thursday

Life: I am thankful to have such an understanding and loving husband. My mom is pretty sick, and there is a chance we will be making a trip back to my hometown to see her. My husband was onboard with the idea without hesitation and even convinced me to not feel guilty about the possibility of calling into work. He always stands behind me and I am so lucky to have that in a partner.

Family: Zander is such a helper. All the time he is doing whatever he can to help us out with any task he can think of. Last night he even reminded me after I put him to bed that we forgot to brush his teeth. He is so sweet, and Mommy is proud of her little helper.

Work: VACATION!!!!! In a few days I will be going on my first ever REAL vacation. A paid 7 days of to do nothing. Plus Nana will be coming down to visit too! It all worked out so well, and I cannot explain how excited I am to have time off of work.

Good Qualities

Good Qualities

I’m so glad I married this man. He has so many good qualities about him, but here are a few of my favorites. When he notices something is wrong with me, he not only tries to figure out what it is, but also asks how he can help fix the problem. When the kids are acting up really bad, he will step in and give me a second to calm down and get a grip. No matter what I feel like on that day, he makes sure I know that he sees me as beautiful. I have a pretty fantastic husband, and I couldn’t ask for more.

Thankful Thursday

I have so much in my life to be thankful for, and in an effort to remind myself of that, I like to at least take one day a week to reflect on them. It really helps when a day is super stressful like it was today.

Life: I am so thankful for the two awesome people that helped watch my kids today. I already posted about them in my #100HappyDays post here:

Work: THANK GOODNESS for hard workers and willing workers. I had some crew that busted their butts with me all day today. We were short due to multiple call ins. I pretty much had a skeleton crew, but they worked hard enough that it all ended up okay. Then all my dinner people came in and asked if I wanted them to clock on early since we looked so busy. I love my crew, and I am so thankful for each and everyone of them.

Family: I am thankful for Kyrie still being a relatively happy baby, even when she is sick. Sure she may get a little more cuddle demanding, but she just keeps in such good spirits. I can tell I have two pretty happy go lucky children. One lucky Mama right here.