Thankful Thursday

1. Family: I am so thankful that my little girl is such a cuddle bug. I know sometimes it may annoy me now, but someday I will miss it! Mama loves you too Kyrie.


2. Work: I am very thankful that not only is Carey back from vacation, but my week of “GM” status went rather smoothly. =) It is nice to have a confidence booster every now and then.

3. Life: I am thankful for Zumba.It is such a fun environment and a great way to work out. Lalli is my instructor and she is so fun and energetic. I just wish I could go more.


Thankful Thursday

Life: I am thankful to have such an understanding and loving husband. My mom is pretty sick, and there is a chance we will be making a trip back to my hometown to see her. My husband was onboard with the idea without hesitation and even convinced me to not feel guilty about the possibility of calling into work. He always stands behind me and I am so lucky to have that in a partner.

Family: Zander is such a helper. All the time he is doing whatever he can to help us out with any task he can think of. Last night he even reminded me after I put him to bed that we forgot to brush his teeth. He is so sweet, and Mommy is proud of her little helper.

Work: VACATION!!!!! In a few days I will be going on my first ever REAL vacation. A paid 7 days of to do nothing. Plus Nana will be coming down to visit too! It all worked out so well, and I cannot explain how excited I am to have time off of work.

Thankful Thursday

I have so much in my life to be thankful for, and in an effort to remind myself of that, I like to at least take one day a week to reflect on them. It really helps when a day is super stressful like it was today.

Life: I am so thankful for the two awesome people that helped watch my kids today. I already posted about them in my #100HappyDays post here:

Work: THANK GOODNESS for hard workers and willing workers. I had some crew that busted their butts with me all day today. We were short due to multiple call ins. I pretty much had a skeleton crew, but they worked hard enough that it all ended up okay. Then all my dinner people came in and asked if I wanted them to clock on early since we looked so busy. I love my crew, and I am so thankful for each and everyone of them.

Family: I am thankful for Kyrie still being a relatively happy baby, even when she is sick. Sure she may get a little more cuddle demanding, but she just keeps in such good spirits. I can tell I have two pretty happy go lucky children. One lucky Mama right here.

Thankful Thursday

Family: I am thankful for Kyrie’s happy go lucky attitude. She spent the entirety of dinner at On The Border entertaining herself by looking at everything upside down as she leaned as far back in her high chair as she could. At WalMart she would clap her hands or babble or pat at her head. When we got home she maneuvered around the house, rolled on the ground and giggled like crazy. Not even a complaint when she went to bed. This little girl is making it TOO easy, I just know I’m gonna pay in her teenage years.

Life: I am thankful that I have tomorrow off and we can finally get this house cleaned up. You know it is bad when you are embarrassed for the babysitter to come over to your house. With both Josh and I off, we should be able to make a decent dent in the laundry pile, and get our house back to respectable standards.

Work: I am thankful for the managers I work with. Today I really thought I was going to have to stay three more hours after my shift was over, but I was able to find a manager willing to come in on her day off and work it. Thank goodness for teamwork, my life would be hell without it.


And on an entirely different side note, I am thankful for him:



He makes my life easier, listens to me vent, lets me buy a pair of jammies for Kyrie on a whim and even gets up to get me water when I just don’t wanna move. This guy is a real catch, and I am glad he is my husband.

Focus on the Good

Thankfulness… Seems to be a central theme in my life lately. What with every Thursday being Thankful Thursday, and everyday posting a picture for the 100 Days Of Happiness Challenge. (more information here: Not to mention almost every letter in my A-Z challenge has been about love and all the amazing things in my life: my kids, my husband, the best parts of my days, etc. I would say I am doing pretty good about focusing on the good, and I am feeling a little happier. When I get down, all I have to do is look back at all these posts and see just how lucky I am. And here’s to one more!


Family: My children are slowly starting to learn how to play together, or a least play in the same room with separate toys without attempting to kill each other. And today, Zander caught Kyrie playing with his Lego cars and he didn’t even react, he just turned around and kept playing with his animals. It was amazing. Let’s just hope it is here to stay.

Life: The nice weather had made it a lot more possible to do family things lately. If this wind ever dies down, we can actually start taking some more family walks and playing in the backyard. I bought a treat for some good weather days at the store recently. Can’t wait till we get to use it.

Work: My RDM scorecard is staying above 80% pretty regularly. It is such a nice relief to not feel that dread in the bottom of your stomach when you see that low score on BRD day. I feel like I am getting better about having a routine for some of it and that is why it is so much easier to get more things done.

#100HappyDays: Day 20

#100HappyDays: Day 20

No matter what happens at work, no matter how bad the day goes, or how much I just wanna go home…. This woman keeps me sane. She makes me smile, forces me to see the good in the bad, and calls me out on my attitude. Mariesa is more than just a coworker. She is my “Mom” friend, my comrade in arms at work, my sanity and my BEST friend. I am so lucky to have her in my life, and even luckier to work with her. Best of both worlds right there!

#100HappyDays: Day 19



Today we took Zander and Kyrie to The Reel Theater to see Frozen. Although it was intended to just be the regular movie, we ended up going to a 3D version instead. Kyrie loved it from the beginning. She would get so excited during the songs that she would put her hands on her head and start smacking herself. Not to mention her new found love for popcorn. WOW! Can that girl eat…. Zander loved the movie too, and spent the majority of it sitting in his own seat staring at the screen with either a look of amazement or a giant smile on his face. I am glad we went, every kid deserves to see a Disney movie in theaters!