Wordless Wednesday (Wreck This Wednesday)


A page from my Wreck This Journal


Wordless Wednesday

This is my first free Wordless Wednesday of May. I had certain guidelines for my past Wednesdays, but I’ve decided to give myself a little freedom here!!

Watching these two grow up together, fight and learn to play WITH each other, just makes my heart melt. Seeing Zander give Kyrie a toy, or hearing Kyrie giggle at Zander jumping over my legs, watching them play in a box together… all of this just makes me so happy. A love between siblings is a beautiful thing, and watching it blossom between these two is possibly one of my favorite parts of mommyhood. =)


Zander wasn’t sure what to do with this “thing” we put in his lap.


He quickly became interested, and anytime she would cry, he would bring us her blanket or bottle.


Before his sister could crawl (and therefore get his toys), Zander thought she was the best thing ever!


The day I looked back and saw Zander holding Kyrie’s hand with this big smile on his face… I was wiping away tears. Sentimental mommy moment.


They are quickly becoming friends, although they still have their moments.


Watching them play in this box together over the past few days has been endlessly entertaining. I can’t believe how many pictures and videos I have taken.

Wordless Wednesday

Family: The boys in our family. This is prolly one of my favorite shots from our wedding. It just captures the emotion so well. Zander hated wearing that bowtie, but man did he look cute.




Nature: I am more than ready for some camping this summer. The idea of being out of cell service and lazing around all day is so fabulous. Plus, I can’t wait to let Zander play outside all day. He will love it!




Random: This one is inspired by a random, but very happy, reconciliation with an old friend from high school, Carrie. We used to take goofy pictures all the time, but this is still one of my favorites.




Wordless Wednesday


FAMILY: This was our attempt at a group “selfie” using a cell phone camera.We were all out geo caching, and had accidentally left the camera in the car. We almost got everyone’s faces in, but little miss Kyrie didn’t quite make it. You can see part of her face and her hood, but that is it.




NATURE: This is one of the spots we stopped on our geo caching adventure. It was pretty cool to see Initial Point, and the cache was decently hidden. I love our family adventures, we need to go on another one soon.




RANDOM: This was Roxy, our very loved, and very missed lab. She was a complete sweetheart, and by far one of the best dogs I have ever known. She was calm and loving and sweet and so easy going. I miss her terribly, and I can only imagine how much more Josh misses her. This was his dog, his girl, his Foxy Roxy. I only wish Zander could have grown up knowing her.