May is a New Month

In celebration of a new month, I’ve decided to change my weekly blogs up a little bit. There are still plenty more I wanna do, and I am planning on changing some of them up every month now.
Monday Mind Dumps: This one has already been changed. Thanks to Betsy ( for this great idea. I love just listing anything and everything floating around my mind.
Ten on Tuesday: I found this one on another blog, can’t remember which one now, but I like the idea. Basically I will post ten things about that day.
Wordless Wednesday: I am gonna change this one up a bit. Instead of posting three specific kind of photos, I will just post whatever pics I feel like.
Thankful Thursday: Same idea here, and I am gonna keep it with life, family and work because I think it is important to find something good in all aspects of life.
Free Friday: Still giving myself a free day, maybe I will use this as a trial for some of my ideas for next month, like Truthful Tuesday.
Quotable Saturday: I love this idea too much to give it up. There are just so many good words to share with the world.


I like to keep my weekly challenges light and easy, so I can post other blogs on top of them if I feel like, and also so it is not overwhelming to keep up with them. I love that I take time to reflect on my life and actually write. I love writing, and the whole point of starting a blog was to get back in touch with that. This is my me time, and I am so happy to have it.

Challenge of the month: photo challenge (usually mostly wordless, much like my Wednesdays) in an attempt to make it easier on myself. Josh will also be doing this, and I look forward to seeing the difference, or similarity, in our posts.


Fell free to join in if you like, I’d love to see what other’s post.


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